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I am a published songwriter who writes catchy hooks and melodies in the styles of Pop, Country and Rock. I have performed live on Breakfast Television in Toronto, Global News at Noon, as well as in music videos shown on CMT. My songs have been recorded by different artists, and have been used in television shows and film. 

I am involved in the music industry as a songwriter, performer, producer, jingle writer, voice over talent, studio musician, publisher, promoter and licensing agent. I am currently recording my 2nd and 3rd albums of original songs. Please listen to some of my new songs at RickIvanoff.com

There is SO MUCH great talent that exists in the great pool of unsigned artists and songwriters, of which I am but a small part.

My advice to others: Be true to yourself, follow your heart and NEVER give up your dream! 

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Please check out my video for my song titled "Abduction",
based on
the Alien Abduction phenomenon:       


Here is the video for my song titled "Save The Children".
I hope you like it:

A few years back, I wrote a song after watching the popular video about Joseph Kony.
Please check it out here:


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